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Christmas Reflections - Day 23

The Mission of Jesus III - (Matt. 9:27-34)


Power Over Darkness

The Pharisees' attempt to kill Jesus did not stop him from carrying out his mission. In the book of Matthew 9:27-34, there are two incidents in the narrative -healing of the blind men and the mute man.

Jesus encountered two blind men. We do not know what caused their blindness, however blindness was a serious problem in the East during that time. In the Bible narratives, there are at least six occurrences of Jesus healing blind men. Each of the healing was different in nature.

In this scenario, Jesus was met by two blind men who acknowledged him as Christ, the son of David (Matt. 1:1). They followed Jesus to the house and when Jesus asked them, "Do you believe that I am able to do this?" Their response was "Yes Lord". It was their faith in Jesus that made it possible, because the Lord said, "according to your faith will it be done to you" and their sights were restored.

Blindness depicts spiritual ignorance and unbelief. Spiritual blindness can only be cured when the sinner comes to faith in Christ and then he begins to see things as God sees them. The believer who has come to faith, must also grow in his faith walk in God or else his spiritual vision will not only be blurred but may also become damaged, leading to spiritual blindness.

The second miracle that Jesus performed in this passage is the case of demon possession. Demons cause physical afflictions like the case of the man in this passage who became mute. By being mute, he was handicapped. Jesus set the man free and the people acknowledged the fact that this was something new in Israel.

However the religious leaders had a different perception. Their perception was that this healing and deliverance was made possible by the power of the devil. It was their way of not accepting that Jesus was the Messiah. Yet the miracles that Jesus performed authenticated his claim.

How will you help the spiritually blind as you walk through the traffic lane of life?

What will you do to guide against having blurred or damaged spiritual vision?

Jesus came primarily for spiritual healing.


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