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Fellowship Opportunities

Prayer and worship form the basis of The New Covenant Baptist Church, Ikola. We offer a range of services and opportunities to participate. Our calendar includes time allotted for prayer, sermons, and personal reflection, as well as guided Bible study.

Join us online via Facebook and Mixlr



  • Early Morning Praise (1st Sunday) - 8:30AM - 9AM

  • Sunday School - 9AM - 10AM

  • Praise & Deliverance Hour (1st Sunday) - 10AM

  • Couples Fellowship (1st Sunday) - 12:30PM

  • MMU Meeting (2nd & 3rd Sundays) - 12:30PM

  • WMU Meeting (2nd & 3rd Sundays) - 12:30PM

  • Youth Fellowship (Last Sunday) - 12:30PM

  • Royal Ambassadors (2nd & 3rd Sundays) - 12:30PM

  • Lydia (2nd & 3rd Sundays) - 12:30PM

  • Girls Auxiliary/Sunbeam Band (2nd & 3rd Sundays)

  • Home Fellowship - 5PM

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