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Christmas Reflections 2022 - Day 13

The Wise Men Seek Jesus - Matthew 2:1-12


After the birth of Jesus Christ, the Magi came from the east when they saw the star. Little is known about these Magi. They were probably men who studied the stars. God must have given them a sign about this special star that signaled the birth of the King.

Naturally, a king would be born in the palace and so the wise men went to Jerusalem, to King Herod’s palace, to look for the outstanding personality that had just arrived on earth.

The Magi’s request for the newborn King caused a stir in Jerusalem and King Herod became disturbed. The king could not come to terms with the fact that another king had been born who might take his place. He called the priests to ask them where Christ would be born, and Micah 5:2 was quoted –in Bethlehem. Once again, the prophecy of the place of his birth was not only fulfilled but also confirmed by the religious leaders.

The Priests knew the Scriptures but never went to look for the Messiah.

The Magi went their way and found the newborn baby in a house. He was in a house in Bethlehem –no more in a manger.

The Magi journeyed from a far country to worship the King, while Herod was afraid and desired to destroy him.

They offered gifts that were significant:

  • Gold: symbol of royalty.

  • Frankincense: symbol of the priestly role of the Lord.

  • Myrrh: used for embalming; a symbol of his death.

The Magi’s gifts symbolized all the Lord came for –as King to save and deliver from sin by dying for us.


  1. The Magi left their homes seeking the King. How can you continue to daily seek the King?

  2. The Magi worshipped the King. How will you make the worship of the King regular in your home?

  3. The Magi offered their treasures to the King. What treasures are you offering the King?


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