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Christmas Reflections 2022 - Day 14

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

When the Wise Becomes Foolish - Matthew 2:4-6


The birth of Jesus Christ fulfilled the prophecy given by Prophets Isaiah and Micah. The priests and the teachers of the law all knew that Christ would be born in Bethlehem. So it was not surprising that, after the Magi stated their mission, the Priest and the religious leaders did not find it difficult to answer when Herod asked them where Christ would be born.

They perfectly quoted Micah 5:2. This shows that they were perfectly in tune with the Scriptures; however their knowledge of the Scriptures was nothing but a mental exercise.

The Magi travelled from afar to look for the King that was born; the priests knew where the king was to be born but their hearts could not comprehend the birth in Bethlehem.

The priests could direct the Magi to where Jesus was born while they themselves never moved an inch to check the Christ that was born.

Today, there are many people who seem to be wise, directing others to the Lord, while they themselves are far from the Lord. They have vast mental knowledge of the Word of God and teach the Word but they do not live the Word. Some are religious leaders who occupy high spiritual positions.

The religious leaders knew where Jesus was born but they did not believe that the Lord had come. They knew the location but missed the incarnation and surprisingly they continued to doubt the deity of Christ while he was in their midst. During the time of Christ on earth, they acknowledged him as a good man, acknowledged him as a great teacher and at times called him a prophet, but accepting him as God was difficult for them to come to terms with.

The religious leaders knew the Scriptures but they did not find the Saviour. They knew that Christ Jesus will be born and will rule but they did not allow him to rule them. Unlike the Magi who travelled from a far country to see Jesus, the religious leaders did not hurry to Bethlehem to look for Jesus. They were not wise, rather they were foolish in their thinking and lacked obedience to God's Word and prophecy.

Many people today are like the religious leaders, they know the Scriptures, and they quote the Scriptures, however, they don't live out their profession.

Christmas can be celebrated without the Lord who is the celebrant.

How are you going to celebrate?

How are you going to be obedient to the Lord this season and beyond?

Are you just going to know where the Saviour was born without acknowledging his Lordship?

And how will you acknowledge the Lordship of Christ in your life?

The religious leaders were supposed to be wise in this matter but they were foolish as they could not fully comprehend or for other reasons ignored the birth of the Lord.

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