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Christmas Reflections - Day 25

Reflecting on Christmas


This season, we dwell a lot on commemorating the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, a key stage in God's grand plan of drawing us closer.

What can we deduce from everything surrounding this famous event?

  1. Jesus is Immanuel -God with us. He is with us in our various life issues. As we give him space in our heart, Immanuel will indeed be with us.

  2. The coming of Jesus Christ into the world is a source of hope and joy for us in our walk with God. Therefore we must remember that by his coming, we have been delivered from eternal separation from God caused by sin. As we await his final coming we should continue to look up to the mighty God and the Prince of Peace to guide us to continue to live in the path of righteousness as we remain on this side of eternity.

  3. One reality about the life we live in is that we will be confronted with challenges. When confronted with challenges just like Zechariah and Elizabeth, we should not drop our God-given values of integrity and faithfulness. The Lord requires that we remain faithful to him. As we remain faithful, God's name is glorified. Even when it seems as if there is no way out of our challenges, God will always be faithful at all times.

  4. One of the takeaways of Christmas is the story of the Shepherds who became evangelists after their encounter with the angel. They went to check the child and after seeing the child, they shared the good news with others, glorifying and praising God. It is a lesson for all of us to continue to be evangelists who will continue to share the good news of the coming of Jesus to the world.

  5. We look at King Herod as a wicked person, how do you also behave like him in terms of the role you play in the lives of people? Is it for good or evil? Do you rejoice with them or you bring them pain? Do you make them happy? As we go into another year, what difference will you make in the life of people?

What are you doing differently in the coming year? The Lord requires that you live a life of holiness that brings glory to God and draws people to the Lord.


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