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Christmas Reflections - Day 8

Joy: Two Mothers Celebrating God's Favour (Luke 1:39-45)


Mary, after her encounter with angel Gabriel, responded to the announcement from the angel that Elizabeth was pregnant by going to visit her cousin in the hill country of Judea. Elizabeth before now was trusting God for a child while Mary was not yet fully married but then by divine plan, Elizabeth got pregnant by human conception while Mary was carrying the pregnancy of Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit. Mary’s visit to Elizabeth was so that they could rejoice together over what God has done.

When Mary got to Elizabeth’s house, Elizabeth was filled with the spirit and acknowledged Mary as the mother of her Lord. The one word that filled her mouth was that Mary was blessed. Elizabeth did not say that Mary was blessed above women but rather among women. What Elizabeth emphasized was Mary's faith. In Luke 1:45, she said “blessed is she that believed”. Mary believed the word of God and she experienced the mighty power of God.

It was not only Elizabeth that was filled with joy, the baby in her womb also felt the Spirit of God as he leaped for joy when Mary greeted Elizabeth. Even before his birth, we see John rejoicing in Jesus just like he did when he started his ministry (John 3:29- 30) as John the Baptist. He would have the privilege, and a great privilege at that, of introducing Jesus Christ to the Jewish nation.

Elizabeth and Mary’s pregnancies were reasons to be joyful. And Mary went to share in the joy of what the Lord has done. Joy is a major theme of the Christmas season for everyone who has an understanding of what the season is all about.

Elizabeth said of Mary in Luke 1:45 “Blessed is she who has believed that what the Lord has said to her will be accomplished!" This separated Mary from Zechariah. Unlike Zechariah, she was not in doubt when the angel told her she will be the one through whom the Savior would be born; her response was one of faith and trust in God. Mary answered, "May it be to me as you have said." (Luke 1:38).

Walking with the Lord is a walk of faith and trust. In faith, we can walk through the murky waters of life trusting God to see us through. Mary believed God’s word and she experienced a performance of that word.

Two people who experienced the fulfillment of God`s prophecy came together to celebrate their joys together.

How do you celebrate God`s mercies and the fulfillment of His word to you over the years?

Do you intentionally share in other people’s joy?

Celebrate Christmas as an act of joy and share the joy with all around you.


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